Seminar Topics




B4 I Do is specifically designed for newlywed couples, newly married couples and singles that desire to marry one day. During this seminar, you will learn the most important misbeliefs of marriage. You will also learn how to reduce/resolve conflicts, understand the three essential ingredients to lasting love and so much more. This conference will help you save your marriage before (and after) it starts.





An Affair to Forgive is specifically designed for couples struggling to heal from the trauma of an affair. Unfortunately, many couples never heal because they do not deal with the underlying issues. There is hope! This life changing seminar will help couples experience healing and restoration.





How to Win Every Argument with Your Spouse is designed for everyone- newlyweds, “oldyweds,” seriously dating, engaged couples, and anyone wanting to make a good relationship great. 

This seminar is a fun event filled with humor and strategies for your relationship. All couples fight. Learn how to fight right! 





Listening to Last is a seminar for everyone, and can be structured to any type of group: singles, married couples, business professionals, leadership teams, teens, etc. The emphasis of this seminar is building strong relationships through interpersonal communication skills.