-30- Date Night Ideas

  1. Flea Market- Get up early on a weekend and head out to your local flea market. Find something you both love.
  2. Dessert Date Night- Have a meal at home and then head out to your favorite restaurant to enjoy a dessert together.
  3. Plant a Garden- This is a great way to spend the day together, go to your local nursery and pick out a variety of plants and flowers to plant in the ground or beautiful pots.
  4. Sunrise, Sunset Walk.  Get up early, go to a park, or walk through your neighborhood. (SunriseSunset.com will give you your local sunrise/sunset time). Watch the sunrise together. (Bring coffee and a light breakfast). If you’re not an early riser, go for an evening walk and watch the sunset.  
  5. Have a picnic somewhere with a nice view.
  6. Go to an art gallery or museum.
  7. Use a fire pit and make s’mores.
  8. Take a dance class together. (Many classes allow you to take your first class free).
  9. Go fruit picking. (Apples in the Fall, Strawberries in the Summer)
  10. Go see a local game: Baseball, football or other sport.
  11. Do a puzzle together.
  12. Feed birds or ducks at a lake near you.
  13. Take an art class together.
  14. Go star gazing or look up constellations or go to a local observatory.
  15. Visit a farmer’s market together. Sample the produce.
  16. Play at a park. Have fun like you were a kid.
  17. Have a water gun fight outside.
  18. Play Frisbee at the park.
  19. Attend a local festival.
  20. Fly kites together in the park.
  21. Go play laser tag together.
  22. Take a cooking class.
  23. Go to a shooting range.
  24. Read a book together.
  25. Dress up crazy and go to dinner (crazy wig, 80’s theme, 30’s theme).
  26. Sing Karaoke.
  27. Walmart $5 Challenge-Go to store (Walmart/Target, etc.) Each of you take $5 and buy each other the best gift you can.
  28. Go Bowling together.
  29. Play a board game.
  30. Go to a local coffeehouse that has live music.