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  1. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner with your partner. (Try a dish you’ve never tried before)
  2. Take some time to pray together.
  3. Go out to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade.
  4. Go for a walk in the park. (Take pictures of your Thanksgiving stroll)
  5. Volunteer to help distribute hot meals on Thanksgiving Day.
  6. Tell a story from your past Thanksgiving celebrations to each other.
  7. Have a thankful basket with slips of paper and pens available for everyone to write down ways they feel they have been blessed this past year. Read them aloud after thanksgiving dinner.
  8. Play board or card games instead of watching T.V.
  9. Make sure you have some quiet time during the day.
  10. Watch a favorite holiday movie together.
  11. Attend a football game together.
  12. Get cozy in front of the fireplace.
  13. Go for a countryside drive and have a picnic.
  14. Go for a carriage ride.
  15. For Couples: Handcraft individual thanksgiving cards that express what you are thankful for and give it to your spouse. For Family: Draw names from a hat and make a handcrafted card for that person that expresses your gratitude.